Meet Shenna

Hiyeeeeeee!!  I’m Shenna.  It’s so nice for you to stop by.  Nanette is my middle name given to me by my Gaga (Maternal Grandmother.)  I guess this is where I give you a brief rundown about me as you will learn a lot about me in my blogs.

I was born in Fort Campbell, KY to a Jamaican father and Southern Belle. We lived in Tennessee and New York for a brief period.  At the age of 4, my mother moved my brother, sister, and myself to Morgan City, LA.  We lived there until I was 11 and then returned to New York.

New York has been the birthplace of my writing and also it’s temporary coma.  I stopped writing almost 6 years ago after self publishing my first book, 28.  I no longer had the desire to pick up and pen or even type on a keyboard to use one of the biggest talents God gave me, writing.  I’ve spent years avoiding it, especially after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013.

I decided to moved to the Atlanta area in 2014.  In August 2017, I signed up for a Facebook challenge.  It was a 5 day challenge for Saved Singles  to prepare them for their future spouse.  Those 5 days changed my life. I went into it thinking I would be 100% ready to find my husband, but was completely wrong.  By the third day I found me.  Long story short, I was taken to a place called silence and there is where I clearly heard the voice of God.

Not only did God remind me of his gift, he also told me to restore my name Shenna Nanette.  I was also led to do things differently as well.   I am not a motivational speaker and I don’t want to be famous.  I just want to make sure this time God gets the glory, not me.  In these posts you will learn so much about me and my current journey.  I will write about hair, friends, family, shopping, relationships, health, food, and this list goes on….. Oh yeah, after being convinced by two of my best friends, I will also include a few videos.  Thank you in advance for going through these seasons with me.

He must become greater, I must become less”  (John 3:30)

with love,